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Many new investors may be a little cautions about buying  properties directly from the bank or lending instituion. Given the state of the economy a mortgage company, credit union or savings and loan may be perfect place to find the home of your dreams or the best deal on a number of properties.


The overall goal of foreclosing on a property is to allow the lender is to gain possession of the property in default. The financial goal is the get the largest portion of money due to the lender because of the  default. This usually includes the principal loan balance, accrued interest, late fees, penalties, taxes, court costs and attorneys' fees.

Once title is gained the a bank (or any other lender) can do with the repossessed property what it chooses. As the new legal property owner, the lender can sell it, keep it, rent it or develop it. Over the years, most lenders have developed effective methods of selling their REO's (real estate owned) in an efficient manner with minimal loss.

Finding the proper channel to identify these properties is crucial. Practices and procedures will vary greatly from lender to lender. Some widely market their inventory of REO's and bankowned assets, while others practically hide them.

Lenders are in the lending business, not the real estate management business. Many lenders will establish a predetermined price for the property and will not consider offers for less. Other lenders dispose of their own properties through individual listing and websites. Given the continuing deterioration of the real estate market, more and more inventory is being offered through numerous outlets.

Many lenders with larger inventories often have a staff dedicated to analyzing and managing the properties, while at the same time coordinating and managing the brokers retained to market the properties. The lender determines the strategy and the broker markets the properties accordingly.

Buying from a bank or lender is fairly easy, and less of a headache than other investing methods because it involves less complications and risks.

If your goal as an investor is to purchase and rehab existing property. you can realize a tidy profit. You can buy a distressed property at a discount and earn a handsome return by doing what the bank cannot. If you are a home buyer looking for a personal residence, you should seek a home below market value with attractive financing from the institution (low down payment, interest rate and closing costs).

This site is designed to help you identify opportunities, negotiate attractive terms, and identify the differences that a bankowned property transaction present.

With real estate market continuing its downward slump, there will be thousands of thousands of REO's coming to market over the next few years. They say that the prudent investor makes their money when they purchase the property, not when they sell. We hope that you'll find the resources of this site useful in attaining that goal.



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